“Romeda Build” Ltd. is a legitimate member of the CHAMBER OF BUILDERS IN BULGARIA and a member of the Central Professional Registry of the Builder.

Kamara Stroiteli


Some of the received References for completed work:

  • Regional Management of the Construction Chamber in Bulgaria
  • “Sienit Invest”, Plovdiv
    • Raw Construction
  • “Universal Stroi Consult” Ltd., Blagoevgrad
    • Villas
  • “Karpatia” Ltd., Pazardzhik
    • Piping System

The complex mechanization of the firm includes:

  • „Drilling machinery, type “Hilti” – all of kinds
  • „Framework, type “Universal ” and building and repairs framework
  • Building staging
  • Elevating machinery
  • Machinery for concrete cutting
  • All kinds of hydraulic pumps
  • Optical measurement devices
  • Excavators, trucks, cranes and cars

The company disposes of own workshops for metal, aluminium and wooden products, tinsmith’s workshop, own warehouse in the village of Saraya and city of Pazardzhik


Sertifikat ISO 14001 2004 - 23.11.2015 g.

Sertifikat ISO 9001 2008 - 11.12.2017 g.

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